We install ArcoLinuxD and we first get the fastest Arch Linux mirrors. You can start with any ArcoLinux or even with Arch Linux.

Then we update.

Depending on the packages we reboot afterwards – kernels, linux-firmware, systemd, …

Upall is going to check now if something has to be updated from AUR.

We use our cheatsheet to look up what we need.

Option 1 :

   Long way – more learning – cheatsheet

Option 2 :

  Fast way – git clone the ArcoLinuxD githubs


Then we install AWESOME on ArcoLinuxD.

Follow the steps to install awesome in the video. Do not forget to install lightdm applications.

We log out and log back in and we add in the standard awesome. Not our ArcoLinux config.

We need to go to our TTY.

Real metal computer = CTRL + ALT + F2, F3, …

Virtual machine = Right CTRL + F2, F3, …

Remember to do skel after installing packages that install into /etc/skel

We look for tools that are available and work our way up. After reboot the awesome menu has changed.

Keyboard shortcuts are not working because the applications are not installed!!

That makes sense – I thought termite was behind the keyboard shortcut but it is urxvt that is behind CTRL + ALT + T.

Go online and see what we use to create a desktop





Then we install bspwm on ArcoLinuxD.

We use part of the bspwm github scripts.

In this part of the video I had forgotten to install arcolinux-bspwm-git and skel it afterwards.

We also make sure that we get the latest .bashrc in.

Then we install MATE on ArcoLinuxD.

You can keep installing any of the desktops…

game changer

Choose an iso
keep adding desktops

We re-organized the packages so it becomes clear what packages aka "lego blocks" you need to  install when you want to install additional desktops.

You can use our cheatsheet. In the video we explain what it all means and how to use it.

Green = install those to have a working desktop

Orange = ArcoLinux settings and configs

Yellow = not needed and if you install it then just one - otherwise you will have conflicts


use the superflex powers

Feel the ArcoVibe
and start exploring