Installing nemo is quite simple. If you used the amd scripts it is already installed.

Then you set nemo as the default application via “exo-preferred-application” or via the menu “Preferred Applications” if it is not already set.

How to get a preview of images?
There is a treshold to change.

RIGHT mouse click on nemo
terminal does not open

Solution 1

Nemo expects gnome-terminal to be installed so install it with

sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal

Tip : there is also a transparent gnome-terminal called “gnome-terminal-transparency


Solution 2

We want the standard terminal “Termite” on Nemo.

We found the solution on the wiki of Arch Linux at

RIGHT mouse click on nemo
add compress and extract

There are more nemo extensions
Type “sudo pacman -S nemo-”
and press twice on tab