D stands for
you Decide what Desktop you take
ArcoLinuxD is < 1GB in size. Installing this iso will not take long. We will use calamares, a graphical installer, that guides us through the installation process.

ArcoLinux is the complete fully themed iso > 2GB
ArcoLinuxD is the stripped version from ArcoLinux < 1GB

We want you to learn to use github – very easy to use with the help of my scripts and tutorials. Then we learn how to make scripts, which is basically a text file that runs the commands you would normally type in the terminal. In the end we have scripts we can re-use on Budgie, Gnome, Cinnamon, …

We will need bluetooth support in all of them. Just an example. It will be the same script we can re-use on all desktop environments.

Download ArcoLinuxD from If you want to know the difference between ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD then check the FAQ.

We can install any desktop environment on ArcoLinuxD.

Use github if you want to. We recommend you do. You will thank me later. Then you can share your scripts with us and we will get a collection of ArcoLinuxD-i3’s and ArcoLinuxD-budgie’s and so many others.

We provide you with a skeleton of scripts. You change them to your personal needs.
Add applications or delete applications in those scripts.

You can try it out on virtualbox

Let us install ARCOLINUXD
After the installation you can go to the bottom right and log off and restart or use the checkbox of calamares.

Make sure the iso is no longer in your virtual machine or that you unplug your usb from your computer.

Then you boot back into ArcoLinuxD and login.

Action 1 : get fastest servers
Ensure you have the fastest Arch Linux servers with the alias
Action 2 : update arch and arcoLINUX repo’s
Update first your system to receive the latest updates

or use its alias

This will force a refresh of all package lists and upgrade all Arch and ArcoLinux packages
Action 3 : update AUR packages
Then you check if you need to update the packages coming from AUR

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