Skip if you do not want to learn about git and github
use it as a backup of your work

In the near future you will be installing your very own desktop environment, applications and themes from the ground up.

We will need to type in a lot of commands before everything is installed.

What if there is a way to keep track of all those commands

What if there is a way to keep your configuration files online…

What if there is a way to re-install your personal configurations very fast

I can only recommend you use and learn to work with github.

I can give you a quick and easy way to set up your own personal github.

Use only two scripts to maintain your github

This tutorial is intended for the usage of github for just one person. No collaboration with others.

Why do I need a github?

  • Easy and quick installation in ArcoLinuxD and Arch Linux
  • It is a backup system for you.
  • Moving from pc to pc and syncing the latest work via github.
  • You can easily share files with others.
  • Some distros make installing from github very easy – like Arch Linux
  • Communicate with others via github.
  • Github has a system to follow up issues.
  • More visibility for your projects.

What can I share on github?

  1. files
  2. scripts
  3. icons
  4. themes
  5. config files
  6. settings from applications

Let us get started

1. Make an account on github

I trust you can do this. I can only recommend lastpass as an extension in your browser to keep track of all your passwords. Add a logo or picture to your account.

2. Make your very first repository

It is time to make our first project.

3. How to set up your first project

We only need two scripts to start using your personal github.

  • for pulling and pushing information from and to the net
  • to set it up – use just once

Get these two files from here :

I promise to keep these two files up-to-date at all time. You may see the number of the version change. That means that I have improved the code and that you should get the highest one.

Get these two files with

git clone

arco stands for ArcoLinuxD

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