With BYOI we give you the power
to change the iso any way you want.

We give you the power and knowledge to change the ArcoLinux iso.

We have heard the following remarks online that you can now easily solve yourself.

  • there are too much/too little browsers
  • I do not need libreoffice – I want openoffice
  • I want steam or obs-studio on the iso
  • I want more applications
  • I want less applications
  • The iso does not support xxx hardware.
Get your arcolinux-iso from
with git clone
 BYOI procedure

  1. git clone https://github.com/arcolinux/arcolinux-iso
  2. change packages.both – we just change arbitrary some of the applications
    1. #chromium
    2. #darktable
    3. #evolution
    4. #firefox
    5. ….
    6. We add steam and steam-native-runtime
  3. run script 30
  4. Three times “y”
  5. test iso in virtualbox
  6. steam works

Check out how to build
and change the ArcoLinux iso
the way
you want it
together with English Bob

Edit the packages.both file.

Adding packages you do want.


And removing packages you do not want.


Make it your own personal iso!