We use our standard torrent application Transmission to download the iso of ArchLinux.

Each month there will be a new release. It is only to keep the updates to a minimum.

You will install a minimal base installation and build everything up from there.


 We will also set up our VirtualBox. So I can make my articles and youtube tutorials.

If you have followed this article you will have Virtual Box installed by now. You can ofcourse install Arch Linux on an SSD or harddisk. You can use Mintstick on ArcoLinux to burn the Arch Linux iso on an usb. You can also use Etcher to burn an iso to the usb. More info about burning an iso to a usb can be found here.

If you decide to try it out first on virtual box than this is the most important setting.

Tell virtualbox to use EFI or UEFI with the tick “Enable EFI (special OSes only)“.

This is an EFI boot screen.

When installing on VirtualBox with MBR or BIOS then you keep the setting of Enable EFI ticked off

This is an MBR bootscreen.

Choose whether to follow the

BIOS is often for older computers
UEFI is often on newer computers

 Click either on BIOS or on UEFI to continue.



Learn how to install Arch Linux starting from the iso from archlinux.org and install step by step Arch Linux following the Arch Wiki guide.

We have 4 Phases to install Arch Linux.

Phase 1 : Arch Wiki page until first reboot

Phase 2 : Making personal account

Phase 3 : Getting graphical

Phase 4 : Install any desktop you would like