install desktop environment


Installing cinnamon requires only one line. Theming and tweaking your Arch Linux system will require more time. All the information about this desktop is here:

sudo pacman -S cinnamon

You can install also the languages for cinnamon if your are not native English.

sudo pacman -S cinnamon-translations

Let us go over every settings of Arch Linux Cinnamon and see what we still need to fix.

We have a vanilla Arch installation and we keep installing elements like :

  • terminal
  • theme
  • icon theme
  • text editor
  • conky and Aureola conky
  • ArcoLinux wallpapers
  • plank and ArcoLinux themes

This time we do NOT run the scripts from

You will have to figure things out yourself with the wiki from Arch Linux, Youtube and ofcourse ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD.