Here is another example how to install ArcoLinuxD (shown in virtualbox). It is the same on harddisk or ssd.

Let us install ArcoLinuxD Qtile together step by step.
We will go over all the scripts and their names and tell you which ones matters but basically the first time you run them all.

Later when you understand what every script does and what every application can do, you select which ones to keep and which ones not to install.

Make these scripts your own.

After logging in we type this command to get the best mirrors in our neighborhood.


Then we get a fresh sync and upgrade with this command


We get our scripts from the github

git clone

Move inside the downloaded folder and run the scripts from the smallest number to largest numbers.

We also talk about the naming conventions of the scripts in the tutorial and tell you what some of the scripts do.

After typing in the terminal

sudo reboot

We end up in the graphical environment – Lightdm with Qtile in this case.

The scripts also contain a folder called Personal.
See if you find anything interesting and re-usable in there.

I would like to point you rather in the direction of NEMESIS.

Search for NEMESIS in our and website to learn more about the scrips we install after any clean install of ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD or ArcoLinuxB.