We have installed our ArcoLinuxD with this tutorial and we have a github ready to backup our settings and scripts.

Let us install ArcoLinuxD i3 together step by step.

After logging in we type this command to get the best mirrors in our neighborhood.

Then we get a fresh sync and upgrade with this command

We have included the last command in nr. 100 so you can not forget to run it.

We get our scripts from the github

Move inside the downloaded folder and run the scripts from the smallest number to largest number.

Script 600 will copy (amongst other things) your i3 config folder to ./config/i3 and is essential for the installation.

We talk about the naming conventions of the scripts in the tutorial and tell you what some of the scripts do.

Zsh is skipped in this tutorial. You can run it if you want to try out zsh instead of bash.

After typing in the terminal

we end up in the graphical environment – Lightdm with i3 in this case.

Then you can run the scripts inside the folder Personal, if you want to.

No need to install these scripts but they are quite handy for my many numerous installations. Keep what you like. Delete what you do not like.