Phase 1 : installing Arcolinuxd

Let us install ArcoLinuxD together step by step. You can install it on ssd or in a virtual machine like virtualbox, vmware, boxes, qemu, …

We will use VirtualBox as our standard virtual machine.

We install ArcLinuxD following this article :

After the installation continue on this page.

Do not forget to …

After logging in we type this command to get the best mirrors in our neighborhood.


Then we get our updates in for Arch Linux and ArcoLinux applications


Then we get our updates in for the AUR applications

Phase 2 : Running the installation scripts

We get our scripts from the github

git clone

Move inside the downloaded folder with

 cd arco-budgie

and run the scripts from the smallest number to largest number.

After installing all the scripts type in the terminal

sudo reboot

we end up in the graphical environment – Lightdm with Budgie in this case.

The technical side of the scripts is explained in this tutorial.

Phase 3 : Running the personal scripts
Then you can also take a look at the scripts inside the Personal folder. I am sure you can re-use those scripts to fit your needs.

Edit them and re-use them on a later installation.

Phase 4 : Running the nemesis scripts
All the information about the nemesis scripts is bundled in this article :

Nemesis will install even more software that we will never put on the iso because it is so specific or proprietary.

Check it out as it will also install all the fonts you need to have a beautiful ArcoLinux conky.

It contains also our FUN script. More info here.

Nemesis applies to
Arch Linux