phases 2, 3 and 5
Phase 4 moved to

ArcoLinux is our
have fun iso
ArcoLinuxD is our
learning iso

ArcoLinuxB builds any iso

Learning path

You have downloaded the ArcoLinuxD or ArcoLinuxB iso and have installed it either on a virtual machine or on a SSD. We advise you to start in the menu “Start here” and follow the articles and video’s. Then you can use the menu’s, categories, tags and the search to look for specific items. Or just venture your way in our distro. 

PLease read the posts
on both forums
Forum FAQ
Known issues and their solutions

Did not find what you were looking for
Let us know via the social media
an article with matching video will be created

Phase 3
Any desktop

Phase 5
Arch Linux
Install Arch Linux the Arch Way

Learn how to install Arch Linux starting from the iso from and install step by step Arch Linux following the Arch Wiki guide.

We have 4 Phases to install Arch Linux.

Phase 1 : Arch Wiki page until first reboot

Phase 2 : Making personal account

Phase 3 : Getting graphical

Phase 4 : Install any desktop you would like